New Pub: Radiant Figures

One more announcement about publications, and then I’m all caught up!

The third publication announcement for this year is my chapter in Radiant Figures: Visual Rhetorics in Everyday Administrative Contexts, which is available at the Computers & Composition Digital Press (an excellent press!). This collection is edited by Rachel Gramer, Logan Bearden, and Derek Mueller, who did a great job pulling this collection together, guiding the authors through the process, and providing helpful feedback, as well as contextualizing the feedback given to the authors by external reviewers. Congratulations to those three on their excellent editorial work, and to the other authors in the collection on their fantastic chapters!

A multicolored circle that is the lead image for the edited collection "Radiant Figures" at the Computers & Composition Digital Press.

My chapter is titled “Visualizing the Role of Small, Stubborn Facts: Changing Stories of Writers and Writing.” It was a fun chapter to write, and it let me stretch my Actor-Network Theory muscles a little bit. But it was also a weird chapter to write, because I was writing about something that kind of flopped for me as a writing program administrator (WPA). I was trying to use the image to help my program think about a few different things with the concept of “small, stubborn fact” as the basic framework for that thinking. The image was a bit of a mixed bag, and didn’t take hold like I had hoped it would.

It’s strange to write something about an idea you had that flopped, particularly when you are a pre-tenure WPA. The narrative usually has to be about unending successes that culminate in a tenure case, and this certainly ran against that grain. But the editorial team was helpful, and I ended up with a chapter I was rather happy with, even if publishing it felt like a risk.

Anyway, if you’re a WPA looking to understand how images might help or hinder your plans, it’s a great collection to explore! And if you’re looking at what not to do, take a skim of my chapter.

And with that, we’re all caught up on my publication announcements for the semester! I guess I have to think of some actual things to say on this blog, now, don’t I? Either that, or go silent for another six months or so.


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