WTTL Collaboration

Writing through the Lifespan Collaboration

The Writing through the Lifespan Collaboration was started in 2016 by Talinn Phillips and myself to establish a multi-method, multi-site, multi-generational study of writing through the lifespan.  WTTL-Logo-2-Green

The most recent work of the Collaboration can be found on the Collaboration’s website.  I also generate reports summarizing our work, which we’re in the process of posting at our Digital Commons space.

My role as co-chair is pretty broad.  Essentially, I work with Talinn Phillips (the other, far more important co-chair) to promote the work of the Collaboration, recruit new members, and move us toward launching our massive, century-long study.

The particulars of this vary widely: along with Talinn, I coordinate virtual meetings, organize conferences, put together edited collections, generate reports about our work for interested stakeholders, and try to make sure there is a Collaboration presence at major conferences and events.