LWR Book Series

With Talinn Phillips of Ohio University, I am a series co-editor for the Lifespan Writing Research Series at the WAC Clearinghouse.

This book series is focused on studies of writing through the lifespan. And we mean “studies” broadly: theoretical and/or empirical approaches from a variety of perspectives are invited. For more details, please check out the Lifespan Writing Research site.

Image of the Lifespan Writing Research page at the WAC Clearinghouse.

The publications from this series, like all books through the WAC Clearinghouse, are open access, and are also available in print editions at low cost.

We strongly encourage potential contributors to contact us early to discuss their ideas to make sure that the project is a fit with the aims of the series. The definition of lifespan writing research in Approaches to Lifespan Writing Research, as well as the guiding principles set out in The Lifespan Development of Writing, are good starting points for potential authors and editors interested in this series as a venue.