New Pub: Emerging Issues IV

Well, it has, once again, been a while since I posted on this site. I will once again say “I gotta get better at this!” and give it yet another go.

But I can guarantee some posts over the next week or so, because I’ve got to talk about some publications that have rolled out this semester!

Image for "Student Learning" section of "Emerging Issues IV" book

I’ll start with a chapter in Emerging Issues IV: Changing Times, Changing Contexts, published via the Educational Developers in Ireland Network (EDIN).

This was an exciting chapter to be involved in, as it comes out of the work I’ve done as part of the “Writing Beyond the University” seminar at Elon’s Center for Engaged Learning. The seminar was slated to run 2019-2021, but we get to do an extra year this summer to make up for the pandemic-related disruption.

Our chapter, “Beyond the University: Toward Transfer,” which can be found in Part D of the collection, draws on activity theory to try to understand how we might re-imagine professional training programs with transfer in mind, using surveys of students before and after their professional placements to inform our re-imagining. This chapter—as well as another chapter currently consideration—comes out of some really interesting work with colleagues across a few countries. Allison Farrell, Niamh Fortune, Lucie Dvorakova, Mel Weresh, and Nadya Yakovchuk did some great work to bring this data in and hammer it into something we could do some deep thinking on. I’m looking forward to seeing what this awesome group puts together next!


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