End of Week 1

Well, that’s Week 1 of College Comp online in the books.  Granted, it was a short week, but it still sounds like we’re off and running in productive ways.  I hope that we’ll be able to continue the work into next week (and all the ones after it, of course, but I’m taking it one week at a time).

Most of my time has been caught up in email exchanges, checking in with both teachers and students, as well as doing a great deal of planning and re-planning for the coming weeks.  But a few productive meetings happened this week also that were a little more forward-looking.  The Writing through the Lifespan Special Interest Group had a virtual meeting on Thursday, and came up with a whole lot of great ideas for the Writing through the Lifespan Collaboration, both in the near future and the long term. 

I also had productive (virtual!) meetings with a coauthor on a manuscript and my writing group.  It was really more of a mix of commiseration and goal setting, and I felt we struck the right balance.  We didn’t repress the rough circumstances we’re trying to work through, and we didn’t let ourselves wallow.  Not an easy balance to walk, for sure.  It’s good to have good people to count on.

Anyway, a good end to a tough week.  And perhaps an ending reflective of what it will take to have “good” work days and weeks in the massive upheaval that we’re currently caught in.  There was a right mix of getting things done, having social engagement (at a distance, of course!), and a variety of work.  That might be the basis for a good day’s work going forward.


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