I’m Not Really Happy with this WordPress Theme

…but I also can’t find a good one to change it to, so here we are.

Don’t get me wrong – the theme is decent.  It lets me post materials, and it seems (at least to me) fairly intuitive to use on a range of screens.  So all of that is a plus.

But it’s got some little hiccups that bother me.  I’ve got my Twitter feed, for instance, on the bottom corner of the page.  I’d rather it be in a side menu.  But I don’t like the look of those side menus, so it’s at the bottom.

Speaking of Twitter, I’ve decided to tweet more often (previously, I was averaging like three or four a year).  Since I’ve made that decision, I have not tweeted once.  So, not off to a great start. One might charitably call my public-facing scholar persona “emerging.”

Back to the theme.  I’ve narrowed it down to a few other ones that I like, but all of them are going to take a fair bit of work from me to customize them.  And I don’t really have time for that. Nor do I want to do that.

So, for the moment, it looks like I’m sticking with the current theme.  I’ll keep playing about the edges with it, see if I can’t improve it a bit.  Who knows, I might even get it right where I want it.


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