I Can’t Believe I’m Blogging Again

So, it looks like I’m blogging again.

I don’t really like blogging.  I tried it in graduate school and found that out.  I don’t have many interesting things to say.  I don’t enjoy posting regularly.  I don’t enjoy trying to publicize about my publishing, which seems to be something you are supposed to do.

But.  But, but, but.

I have been telling my graduate students for several years now that communicating about your research and scholarship to a wider audience is crucial, particularly when you are engaged in writing instruction and research.  There’s just too many inaccurate understandings of what writers do and how they do it (as well as what student writers do and how they do it) to not join the conversation.

Now, having said that, I don’t really write for a wider public all that much.  Oh, I definitely communicate with stakeholders on campus about writing research and student writing, but I haven’t really tried my hand at anything bigger.

So, it’s time to put my money where my mouth is and try this out again.  And, for the record, while I did tell my students that such communication is crucial, I did not say that they had to be good at it.  So the bar isn’t all that high.

I’m going to try to post to this site twice a week to discuss teaching, research, and administration.  And, as I’m doing that, I’ll be putting in a broader overhaul of my website.  I’ve made some improvements in terms of content, but it’s still text-heavy and in need of probably a different WordPress theme.  So I’ll be getting after that as well.  And I might be blogging about that, too, because, uh, why not?

I doubt I’ll get much of a readership here (I heard somewhere that blogging was dying, anyway, which means that I’m jumping on this at just the right time).  But at least I’ll be thinking with a wider audience in mind.  And, who knows, maybe this time I’ll like it.


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