Writing Studio: This site is run through Colorado State University, and is a great site for engaging students with multimodal writing activities.

The National Writing Project: Hands-down the best professional development in the history of, well, history.

Comppile is a great site for finding research articles about writing studies.  The site is also anchored to a ton of other cool projects worth exploring.

The WAC Clearinghouse is a site for open-access articles and books on writing.  It’s well-organized and full of pretty great stuff.

AntConc is a free concordance software created by Laurence Anthony.  It’s easy to use and, in case you disagree with me, there are a number of tutorials on the website to help you.

The Research Exchange (REx) is just getting underway, but it looks like it will be a great site for organized, peer-reviewed research on writing.

Dr. Charles Bazerman has a website with most of his publications available.  It’s a very useful resource on writing research.

Writing Commons is a great, open-access site for helpful articles about writing both in general and in the classroom.

Writing Spaces is a site of open-access writing textbooks for first year composition, although they are certainly applicable to high school writing situations as well.


Journal of Response to Writing is a new journal, with the first issue due out in January 2015.

Literacy in Composition Studies is only in its second year of publication, but already it’s a very engaging journal.

The Journal of Writing Research is a great, open-access journal about writing research.

The Journal of Writing Assessment has recently made its archives available online

Across the Disciplines is also a great open-access journal

Kairos is an open-access journal that takes advantage of new media in the presentation of its material.  I’m always finding out more stuff that I can’t do when I go to this site.

Composition Forum is an open-access journal published twice yearly about composition pedagogy and theory.

Teaching/Writing: The Journal of Writing Teacher Education is an open-access journal that focuses on issues of writing teacher education across different grade and experience levels.


International Society for the Advancement of Writing Research –

Council of Writing Program Administrators –

National Council of Teachers of English – (not even kind of free)

Random Stuff about Teaching and/or Writing

The WPA Listserv is a very, um, active listserv, but I’ve enjoyed being a member of it. Highly recommended if you have a lot of memory in your email.  If not, not.

Rhetmap locates rhet/comp programs on a Google map.  Pretty neat!